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The Anti-Gay Bubble in American Politics

How Liberal America Avoided Gay Rights for Decades Due to a Deceptive Political Coalition

The anti-gay bubble made America appear less tolerant of gays in the political arena than it truly was for more than a generation. Since the 1960s America has been moving to the left on social issues but the growth of gay rights has lagged behind other liberal issues for most of this period. Although gays started gaining rights back in the 60s along with other liberal movements the anti-gay bubble would soon come into existence through a political coalition and put a temporary end to their advancement. The bubble was at its largest during the 1990s and early 2000s. The bubble was blown up with the help of Religious Right Leaders like Jerry Falwell and Bob Jones III starting in the late 70s. The bubble was deflated with the help of Religious Right Leaders like Mike Huckabee and Tony Perkins recently. One reason they helped deflate the bubble was that the arguments the Religious Right had used in the 90s against gay marriage were very weak but they were effective at the time because gay marriage was not being seriously debated. Their reasons for being against gay marriage included it would lead to polygamy, it would hurt the institution of marriage and it is not how marriage is defined in the dictionary. I will explain how all these poor arguments ended up helping the Marriage Equality Movement win and quickly move opinion polls in their favor when I discuss gay marriage.

Inflation of the Bubble

We must first look at how the anti-gay bubble was inflated.   In the 1960s America made a turn politically in the direction of Liberalism.  In 1976 Democrat Jimmy Carter won the South and the Whitehouse against Republican Gerald Ford who was socially liberal/moderate like Republican Barry Goldwater was in 1964 when he lost.  The Republicans needed to win the South and social conservatives or it would continue to lose nationwide elections.   In the late 70s a coalition was brought together under Ronald Reagan to help the Republicans take control. This coalition claimed to be against the advancement of gay rights as well as advertising itself to be on the Right on many other social issues.  The Country Club Republicans joined with the Social Conservatives.   America continued to move to the left on homosexuality although one might not of thought so if you were just looking at the success of the Republican Party from 1980 to 2006.  In order to bring the Social Conservatives into the Republican Party Evangelical Religious Leaders had to deceive the masses that the Republican Party had their values at the heart of their movement when they really just wanted their votes.  Religious Leaders like Jerry Falwell who was hungry for power answered the call of the new party.  Falwell crusaded against gays during the late 70s and wasn’t shy to point out that he also just happened to be a Republican.  Falwell stated harshly that gays were a vulgar group of people who would just assume kill you rather than look at you.  Bob Jones III while at the Whitehouse said that gays should be put to death while mentioning Jimmy Carter was not fit to be President back in 1980.  The new Republican Party started winning.  The Aids crisis would help empower the anti-gay rights crusade because it weakened the gay community in a major way for a short period of time.  It is hard to defend a group that is being wiped out by something that they can prevent through behavior.

Hyper Inflation of the Bubble

In 1992 Bill Clinton won the presidential election.   Clinton ended the ban on gays in the military and a huge anti-gay Republican push began.  Many Democrats had drifted more liberal over the years.  With a Democrat in office it gave the Republicans an opportunity to take back congress using social issues to do it.  I explain why this is so bad in AbolishPropertyTaxes.com.  I am looking at the gay issue separate in this writing because it was so popular.   In 1994 Republicans won big and it appeared that gay rights were a bad issue for many Democrats.  The country however continued to move to the left.  The success of the Republicans who were against gay rights overshadowed the fact that many Democrats were still inching to the left on gay issues.  The anti-gay rhetoric was loud and clear during the 90s and tolerated by society in general. I remember hearing Jerry Falwell working against gay rights during the 90s but toned done from the language he used at first.  I noticed Jerry claimed to believe in equality and freedom for gays.  I thought he did not and wondered why he didn’t admit it.  This was intentional on his part.  Anyone working truthfully against gay rights would not claim to believe in freedom or equality for them.  That is what you are working against.  After all the Old Testament had gays stoned and God turned against Israel when it tolerated sins like that.  The people of Israel still sinned a lot when they were in God’s favor. They were blessed in part because they did not tolerate sexual sins like homosexual acts.  So gay sins were not equal or free.  In the New Testament Romans speaks of gays as being the ones on the fast track when it comes to suppressing the Glory of God.  Again this is not equal.  Guess what Jerry probably never cared much if gays got rights or not he was more concerned with power.  One must be aware that big money that was behind Jerry and much of the money that funded the Moral Majority did not come from those strongly opposed to homosexuality but those who wanted the Republicans to win for financial gain.  His coming out so strong against homosexuality and then saying he believed in freedom and equity made it harder for those truthfully working against gay rights to be open and speak their mind.  How could one work openly against gay equality when the Religious Right Establishment claimed to be for their equality?  You would be crushed and that was no accident.  I found that those working against gay rights in powerful political positions rarely spoke much truth on the issue or made much sense but acted like it was an extremely important issue.  Their arguments were only good enough to win the next election and then they became worthless.  If Jerry had lived to when gay marriage was on the table he no longer could have claimed he was for equality for gays.  But he could say that and help Republicans win elections during the 90s and that is what seemed to be most important thing was winning the next election.  

This brings us to the time before the 2000 election.  The Republicans had just come off of their third major victory in congress in 1998.  They won big in 1994, 1996 and 1998.  There had been a lot up tough anti-gay talk during the 1990s and if the Republicans wanted to win the big prize of the Whitehouse they needed to tone it down a bit. Jerry was way ahead of them.  Right after the Republicans won in 1998 he called a bunch of Gay Christians to Liberty University and apologized to them for his sin of hatred against gays.  Jerry never had malice towards gays.  Sure he sinned against Ellen when he called her Ellen Degenerate but had said he was sorry for deriding her.  Jerry never apologized for deriding Bill Clinton and continued to do so.  We now live in a society where it is ok to be openly gay and hold office but if you cheat on your wife you have to apologize to the world on television.  We can thank Jerry.  Jerry threw his entire ministry under the bus.  He became famous off the gay issue.  He was now changing course when he had warned everyone for so long.  He didn’t step down he stayed in power.  Bob Jones III had many famous people speak at his university after his comment about putting gays to death.  He has now apologized for wanting to implement Biblical Justice.  To who, to the people he apparently deceived in order to get them to vote Republican that helped him gain a name for himself?  It would have been acceptable if Evangelical Leaders said it is unfortunate the country has embraced homosexuality and then announced they were going to tone down their rhetoric on the issue.  Everyone understands politics but to say you were wrong in past on a Biblical matter and apologize for it after the country has gone in the other direction really makes the Evangelical Church look bad.   The problem is Evangelicals have no spiritual leaders like Islam does who stand firm to their beliefs no matter what the political environment in their country is.  Evangelicals only have political leaders whose main source to gain power is by helping Republicans win elections no matter if they have to change their views on an issue to do it.  The Republicans won in 2000 and even campaigned against gay marriage to win in 2004.  This is not were the bubble burst but the harsh tone towards gay was now non-existent in public.  Millions of young Americans would grow up without hearing any harsh words for the homosexual community and were raised to believe that language was wrong.  Strong feelings against gays were not something to be openly expressed.  If young Americans felt that way they needed to stay silent.

Deflation - Release and Burst of the Bubble

This brings us to where the bubble started to release in 2008 before it would burst.  The bubble was able to get so large because many Republicans were for more gay rights but remained silent while the coalition was having success.  The Republicans had won by winning Middle America where the country was more conservative on gay issues.  This was partially because Middle America was liberalizing more slowly than the big cities and rich suburbs(AbolishPropertyTaxes.com) and also the younger generation was more liberal and the older conservatives were dying off.  With the country continuing to move to the left on gay issues the anti gay rights piece was not going to help Republicans win nationwide elections for much longer.  I explain in detail how the country was guaranteed to move in a liberal direction with the increase in the cost of living and increase in corporate power that Republicans and Democrats both helped promote in AbolishPropertyTaxes.com.  Once the coalition was no longer a winner the pro gay right Republicans became more vocal and open.  Many of these Republicans would deride others for using the same tough speech or holding strong views against homosexuality when they allowed it in the past.  I will provide some examples.  Fox News Anchor Julie Banderas derided a person she was interviewing who used the word fag.  Jerry Falwell used to use the word fag and so did many others.  I didn’t see people on Fox News deriding people for this until the bubble had burst.  Of course all of the Religious Right power brokers had stopped using the word at this time.  I also saw Republican Strategist Nicole Wallace on the View join in and deride a person she didn’t know for preaching out of the Bible on a subway against gays.  She praised a lesbian who got in the face of a person preaching against gays on a New York subway and attacked him as a bigot.  Megyn Kelly of Fox News derided Valdimir Putin as a homophob and a racist against blacks.  Putin passed some tough anti-gay laws but still allowed gay sex to be legal.  Many Republicans were now not only coming out for gay rights but also showing hatred towards those who opposed gay rights more than Religious Right Republicans in power currently did.  Of course Rush Limbaugh was allowed to get away with being tougher on gay issues to attract in more Republicans just like he has been able to say things about blacks that others wouldn’t be allowed to say.  Deriding is used as a weapon to shut people down.  Deriding is a sin.  The Religious Right has not come out against this deriding that is now occurring against people who are very conservatives on Gay issues.  There is no doubt in my mind it so they can gain political power by helping America become more liberal on homosexuality without having to do anything themselves.  There is no doubt much of the praise and respect that people like Mike Huckabee and Tony Perkins receive from others is because they overlook this deriding and act like nothing wrong has occurred.   So women like the ones I just mentioned have no problem with Mike Huckabee, Tony Perkins and Rick Warren.  They still praised them as great men.  

Religious Leaders can see what is happening here.  They were the ones who encouraged so many to vote Republican acting like it would move America in a conservative direction.  Anyone in tune to politics could see this was never true. The Religious Right deceived people for their own gain.  The government hires many people from Evangelical Universities when Republicans are in power.  The Country Club Republicans got what they wanted out of the coalition.  Many upper Middle Class Evangelicals did too.  They live in big houses, send their kids to good colleges and go to big churches.  As I explained in AbolishPropertyTaxes.com the “Haves” got more than they should have gotten out of the system and that is the main thing they cared about.  Where the country stands on gay rights today is a more honest reflection of whom America really is now that the bubble has burst.

The Religious Right has brought forth poor arguments against gay marriage.  They are so bad they have helped promote gay marriage.  The Religious Leaders act as if they claim their sins are equal with those of gays they are being humble like Christ.  They never say which of their sins are the same.  If you don’t go along with what they are saying then you are self-righteous.  How one views gays is a perspective.    Big money supports poor arguments against gay marriage.  With big money supporting poor arguments that the Religious Right uses against gay marriage it makes it impossible for people in society to use the arguments of the Religious Right to defend themselves and their views against gay marriage.  This has helped speed up the acceptance of gay marriage across the country.    Most of the arguments against gay marriage that come from Religious Leaders make me say if that is the only reason you are against gay marriage then you should just allow it.  Allow me to give you some examples.  Mike Huckabee is against gay marriage because it might lead to polygamy.  Gay marriage is not going to lead to polygamy.  Countries that allow for polygamy don’t usually allow gay sex much less gay marriage.  Polygamy is not condemned in the Bible.  So if that is the reason he opposes gay marriage I say allow it.  Other people claim it is because of how marriage is defined in the dictionary and throughout history.  That is not a strong and solid reason.  To say gay marriage will hurt the institution of marriage is a weak argument.  Marriage has always been between a man and a woman is not true.   James Dobson says homosexuality is caused by a poor relationship between a father and son.  If that is true and that is the root cause of homosexuality I say just let them marry.  Like James Dobson Tony Perkins uses environmental factors as the major factor of what causes people to be gay.  In my judgment environment is not even significant in the majority of cases.  Sure it is in some when a woman goes to prison or a young boy is molested over a long period of time.  I have seen cases of young men who were molested as children that had an easier time selling their bodies to men for money as adults.  This represents a very small number of cases.  You will find this next example of how conservatives work on gay issues as very interesting.  A few years ago Bill O’Reilly gave Glenn Beck a hard time for ignoring the fight against gay marriage.  Now Bill O’Reilly is for gay marriage.  Guess why he is?  It is because he claims Tony Perkin’s argument against gay marriage doesn’t convince him.  Bill says that is why he and Megyn Kelly are for gay marriage.  So why was Bill against it for so many years?  I agree Tony’s argument is weak it sure wouldn’t convince me to join with him.  Gay rights have been in the news media for decades.  Bill O’Reilly is in his 60s and now he changes course because one Religious Leader cannot convince him?  It is intentional in my mind that the Religious Right is bringing forward such poor arguments.  The only solid argument would include the fact that gays are deviants and of course that would be off the table for Fox News people because it is too bigoted.  So the liberal/moderate Republicans don’t like the arguments of the Leaders of the Religious Right but they love the Leaders of the Religious Right because of their poor arguments.  Anyone with a solid argument is kept out of the debate.  As a result we have seen the number of people against gay marriage decrease drastically.  They could not defend themselves.  If they had a solid argument against gay marriage they couldn’t use it without being demonized.  Liberal Democrats are more than happy to debate Rick Warren, Mike Huckabee and Tony Perkins on gay marriage all day long because they know it will help their cause.  

As far as all the warnings against how evil a nation America would become if it accepted homosexuality are concerned.  Well those all ended when they also could no longer help win elections.  The Republican Party still wants the Religious Right Voters but demands that to share power in the party Religious Leaders promote America as the greatest country on earth in it’s current state.  And there are plenty of Religious Leaders greedy for power willing to answer that call.

Let me compare the anti-gay movement to the Pro Life movement.  Today we have a Pro-Life movement that remains strong because it has political support.  It has political support because of the same reason the anti-gay movement did in that it helps Republicans win.  People who are serious about prolife should stay away from the big money that comes when you are helping the Republican Party win elections.  The movement will think it is independent when actually it is a slave to political power and how the Republican Machine wants them to operate.  Right now many Republicans are respecting the prolife movement even if they disagree with it.  What if in the future Pro Choice Republicans started to heavily deride those who are against abortion even in the cases of rape and incest?  Now lets say Religious Right Leaders like Mike Huckabee and Tony Perkins all switch over to allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest but not in any other situation.  Similar to how Mike switched over from supporting anti-sodomy laws to being against them.  Imagine the Pro-Choice Republicans and Democrats all have lots of respect for Mike and Tony but they openly despise anyone who is still opposed to all abortions.  Mike and Tony are very friendly with many in the Pro-Choice movement but have no friends who oppose abortion in all cases.  Mike and Tony let people know that they still face opposition for their stance on abortion and claim to be suffering for the rights of the unborn even thought they hold political positions that millions would love to have.  True pro lifers can no longer defend their arguments against abortion because it values the life of all the unborn.  If they use their reasoning they are now considered worse than the most extreme pro-choice advocates even in the eyes of others who identify as pro life.  Their hands are tied so they are silenced.  The liberals love Mike and Tony for helping silence those who want to stand up for the unborn and they end up rich and powerful.  This is good example to show how the Religious Right operates on gay issues currently.  A reasonable person would say they are helping the advancement of gay rights.

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